betting strategy

But first, we will briefly consider the basic principles of TOTO, how the winnings are formed here, the coefficients, how they are paid and other important aspects. In the field of attention will be football with offers for 1X2 (win 1, draw, win 2), it is this variation that isContinue Reading

basebal betting

BASEBALL FAVORITE BETTING STRATEGY: It is no secret that many novice gamblers start their way in betting precisely with bets on favorites. In every sport there are clubs that can only win with their name – for example, Barcelona or Bayern. Bookmakers are also not lagging behind and, as aContinue Reading

tennis strategy

This strategy is based on statistics. The algorithm for selecting suitable meetings is not complicated, and at the same time, the results shown by the strategy are consistently good. Therefore, the strategy is very popular among a large number of players. Strategy bets are made in Live mode (real-time mode),Continue Reading

hokkey betting

Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports games, including among the betting community. Hockey bets may be inferior to football bets in terms of their popularity, but all the same – this is a huge market share. Of course, the highest level hockey is the North American NationalContinue Reading

basketball betting

Basketball is one of the most popular disciplines among sports betting enthusiasts, so it is not surprising that players regularly come up with various strategies to maximize their income and minimize costs. One of the most rational options for the game is Humpty Dumpty. It should be noted right awayContinue Reading

footbal betting

The bookmaker’s list is replete with a variety of markets, types of bets. Of course, there are several basic proposals in the line, mainly concerning the result of the match and the total goals. Otherwise, 80% of the painting consists of various absurd and adventurous proposals that are extremely difficultContinue Reading


Many players started playing in the casino section, finding an alternative to classic betting. But is it? Of course not. Slot machines, roulette, card games can never fully replace sports betting. After all, in them the player does not control the situation, he entrusts his money to a blind lot,Continue Reading