basketball betting

Basketball is one of the most popular disciplines among sports betting enthusiasts, so it is not surprising that players regularly come up with various strategies to maximize their income and minimize costs. One of the most rational options for the reddog casino game is Humpty Dumpty.


It should be noted right away that it is suitable for basketball. For analysis, you can take matches from a variety of championships. In most cases, the game using this strategy involves betting on clear wins or handicaps. Humpty Dumpty is far from the easiest version of the game, but if you understand its principle, you can significantly improve your financial situation using only your own knowledge.

An additional advantage will be the greater intensity of the competition. Take the National Basketball Association. In it, teams play more than 80 matches per season, and those that made it to the playoffs and went through several stages, over 100. Practice shows that problems with the choice of events almost never arise. In the summer, you can focus on other championships.

It is better to immediately discard confrontations in which motivation is not in the first place and basketball players may not give their best at 100%. It is important that the struggle goes on to the very end and in each individual episode the professionals demonstrate only their best qualities. Since matches from the NBA world are easier to find and they almost always have tournament motivation, it is better to choose them.

It is important to note that recently this version of the game has become noticeably more popular. The point is not only that the strategy turns out to be effective not only in practice, but also in technical progress. If you use Humpty Dumpty, then you need to choose from the confrontations that take place in real time. Now it has become much easier to do this, which is why the demand for the strategy is growing.

It is important to follow the match. If it is not possible to do it personally, use the available resources with statistics. Events from the prematch can be discarded immediately. Only live confrontations are suitable for us, so make sure in advance that it is convenient for you to place bets using a computer or mobile phone. There won’t be much time to make a decision.

basketball betting

The essence of Humpty Dumpty’s strategy is that you select an event and start monitoring it. You will find out the result of the first quarter and immediately bet that the other team will win in the second. If the forecast turned out to be unsuccessful, then a similar trick must be done for confrontations in the 3rd or 4th game. At the same time, the size of the forecasts will increase, therefore, in this case, the presented strategy is somewhat reminiscent of “catch-up”, but about everything in order.


There are several options for playing using the presented strategy. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at them to understand what exactly we should expect and what the probability of making a profit is.

So, among the options for using this strategy, the following can be distinguished:

Light. In this case, you need to place a bet after the first quarter. We select the team that lost in it and make a forecast for its future success. If the first quarter ended in a draw, then it counts in favor of a potentially weaker team. But it’s important to be very careful. To count on a really good profit, the bank must be divided as follows: 15% for the second quarter, 30% for the third and 55% for the fourth. Among the advantages of this version of the game is a large selection of events. Attention can be focused on virtually any of them, but the rise of the bank will not be too fast. Also, in this case, you will hardly have to count on a very large reward. Practice shows that the profit from the bank will be about 12-13%.

Normal. In this case, we enter the game after the second quarter. Half of the match is behind, and therefore more material for analysis. This can be called the advantage of this version of the game. The bank in this case is distributed as follows: 35% goes to the third quarter and 65% to the fourth. In general, such variants of the game are quite rational, but if you do not believe that one of the teams can turn the tide of the game, then you should not risk it again.

Complicated. Choose a team that has lost all 3 quarters before, and bet the bank on it. This version of the game is not only very risky, but also negates many of the advantages of Humpty Dumpty. There is practically nothing to choose from, because there are only 2-3 fights for which you can make predictions. It is better to take clubs that, although they have lost all segments of the match before, have not lost their chances for the final triumph. For example, they suffered a fiasco in each of the quarters with a difference of 1-3 points, and it is quite possible to win this handicap in the decisive segment of the distance.

In the latter case, strong-willed teams will be required that do not give up to the last and are ready to fight until the final siren. In this case, it is also extremely important to be guided by statistics, because it is she who will help find answers to questions of interest. It is also important for Humpty Dumpty to respond quickly to changes in the arena, so you should have a gadget at hand.

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