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But first, we will briefly consider the basic principles of TOTO, how the winnings are formed here, the coefficients, how they are paid and other important aspects. In the field of attention will be football with offers for 1X2 (win 1, draw, win 2), it is this variation that is the most popular among players, and with its help large sums are played out.


How it works?

The essence of TOTO is pretty simple to understand. On a separate page, the user is offered a special form in the form of a table, in which 15 matches from different countries and championships are given. Opposite each event there are columns where 1X2 is given. The player’s task is to mark the outcome that he chose for each competition. That is, for each of the 15 fights, you need to indicate a forecast regarding its outcome.

After the choices are made, the client is obliged to indicate the amount of the bet that he is willing to risk. There is a minimum threshold for this value, for example, at least 10 rubles per outcome. If there are 15 matches, then 150 rubles will go to the coupon. Of course, the numbers are taken from the ceiling, in each case there will be its own limits. The maximum is usually not limited, you can set any values ​​you want.


After the last match in the coupon is played, the bets will be settled. Users who have guessed the outcomes of at least 9 matches are declared winners. Obviously, the more correct predictions, the more significant the payment. But here, too, everything is somewhat more complicated than in ordinary bookmakers.

The winnings in the end depend on the number of participants, the money they contributed, the number of correctly guessed results and the bookmaker itself, which sets certain odds. We will not expand on this in detail, in the rules of each sweepstakes they are stipulated by several dozen points. We recommend that you study them before you start betting on TOTO. It can only be unequivocally stated that the jackpot is received by the person who correctly guessed all 15 matches.

Another important point that should definitely be mentioned is that a player can choose several outcomes for one match. That is, you can simultaneously indicate a draw and a victory for one of the team. But in this case, the number of options grows exponentially, and the minimum allowable bet amount increases accordingly. It is generally allowed to overlap all possible options for fights, but in this case, a huge minus will turn out.


The problem with the previous strategy is that overlapping a large number of outcomes, the user multiplies the costs, and it is not always profitable, it is enough not to guess several matches to stay in a deep minus.


The strategy called the brief system is designed to solve this problem; it is a bit similar to incomplete surebets, when not all outcomes overlap, but only the most probable ones. Thanks to the approach, it is possible to significantly reduce the number of options, respectively, to reduce the amount of funds spent.

To make it clearer, let’s take an example. A person’s task in the sweepstakes is to guess at least 9 outcomes out of 15 proposed options. Let’s say a player is confident in 7 competitions, and in 2 more he has doubts. What should he do? Doubtful 2 games completely overlap, thus, additional coupons are formed, but their number is not as large as it would be if all 7 matches were covered.

The indicators are taken from the ceiling, depending on the confidence in the results, the user can insure 3,4,5 and so on competitions. Someone, perhaps, will be limited to one competition, someone will take more. The main point is to discard the least likely outcome of the games and reduce the cost of betting. No one is insured against losses, and confident matches may not pass, but you cannot do without risk in betting.

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