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The bookmaker’s list is replete with a variety of markets, types of bets. Of course, there are several basic proposals in the line, mainly concerning the result of the match and the total goals. Otherwise, 80% of the painting consists of various absurd and adventurous proposals that are extremely difficult to predict, and some do not lend themselves at all.


Meanwhile, among this variety, useless for a serious player, there are quite popular additional bets. So, it is worth noting that almost all the outcomes offered for the entire match: wins, total and individual totals, are given separately by half. If we talk about the game in the pre-match mode, then betting on the total of the first half of the meeting is of particular interest. This type of bets will be discussed in this review.

We will give a general description, dwell on the features, and give recommendations for competent forecasting.


To begin with, let’s figure out why we are talking about the first half, and the second is left behind the scenes. Everything is very simple. We are looking primarily at pre-match bets. It is rather strange to try to predict the effectiveness of the second half, when the first half will be in front of it, and what kind of result will happen, is a big mystery.

Yes, we can predict the development of the first half of the game, and we will be dealing with the theoretical basis for this in this material. However, to enter a bet in the first half, usually not so much is needed, we do not guess the exact score. But the forecast separately for the second part of the meeting is more reasonable to make during the break, already knowing the intermediate result. Therefore, bets on the second half in live – this will be a topic for a separate review.

What determines the amount of goals in the starting half of a football match, how to predict it? First, the performance of a part of the match is directly correlated with the overall performance of the teams. Secondly, a lot depends on the style of play. Some teams prefer not to postpone the matter indefinitely, they score 2-3 goals for their rivals at the beginning, and they can even miss it.

Others, on the contrary, choose a wait-and-see manner, devoting at least 30 minutes from the start of the meeting to a cautious game, probing, and reconnaissance. In addition to analyzing past matches, assessing the importance of the match and getting to know your opponents will help to predict the course of the first 45 minutes of the game. If teams, in principle, tend to play on defense, the match turned out to be important, for the key points of the championship, or the passage further along the cup grid, then a cautious start is very likely.

This is especially common in international games, where opponents from different leagues meet that do not have a rich fresh background of face-to-face confrontations. So it takes a lot of time to find weak points. Breaking through them is usually done in the second part of the fight. This inclines towards very definite forecast vectors, of course consider TM in the 1st half.


The most balanced option for betting on “under” in the first half is ITM 1. Thus, we can take quite a decent odds, but not risk being left with a nose in the face of one random goal in the first half. If it happens, the bet will be refunded and the bettor will remain with his own.


If the borderline total of 2.5 is less and more are estimated by similar coefficients, of the order of 1.85-1.95, then at ITM 1 of the first half, you can take an indicator from 1.70 to 2.10. It’s more than playable just as an ordinary. If the logic of the development of the beginning of the meeting is predicted correctly, then the half will end with zeros and the bet will go.


Of course, each tournament and team has its own average performance over the long and medium distances. There are two diametrically opposed approaches. You can catch TM in the “grassroots” leagues, using a long trend, or catch TB in bright scoring championships.

Another option is to find contradictions between short, local trends and personal fights of two opponents in order to flirt in them anomalous for the league TM or TB, for much higher coefficients. The first approach, as you might guess, is the lot of beginners. The second method is basically obedient only to already experienced bettors.

The lower leagues, where TM often comes in in the first half, include the championships: Russian RPL and FNL (selectively, there are also exception teams); Brazil, what is A, what is B; many other tournaments in Latin America; Greece, Ukraine, Portugal, Italy (A and B), many games of the Spanish Segunda. Also, many national teams demonstrate strict football in official matches and the first half ends at zero.

There are many more championships with medium and high performance. So you need to select the combinations of teams under TB in the first half individually. Here you can’t bury it with one brush.

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